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Coaching philosphy

I am a great believer in the idea that if you want a different outcome, you need to do something differently.  This could mean a change in perspective, a new idea or way of thinking or a change in technique, routine or behaviour.

No matter how small or superficial these steps may appear, they can be hard to identify and even more difficult to see through to completion because they may involve changing the habits of a lifetime or doing something that differs from an approach that has worked for you in the past.  It could also mean working against your natural or learned preferences to achieve a breakthrough.

This is where the real value of a trusting, non-judgemental coaching relationship lies.  I will encourage you to explore new thinking and ways of doing things.  I will also support you with the aim of inspiring new insights whilst challenging you to take responsibility for your own growth and development. You can expect a relationship based upon openness, honesty and integrity.

This applies just as much to those who have reached the top of their profession but want to achieve more, as it does to those who need a catalyst to get them to the next level on their career path.

Dr Rob Hensley