Inspiring, Challenging and Supporting


Client Feedback

"Rocked Logic helped me to explore what I wanted to do with my life, both personal and professional. I was challenged to face fears and other obstructions, and encouraged to overcome them. I found Rob Hensley to be supportive, stimulating, intuitive and kind. I left our sessions feeling buoyed up and optimistic. He makes things that seem difficult seem easier."

“Rob provided coaching sessions over a nine month period. These sessions were valuable to me, as they gave me time out of the working day to reflect and think about my own personal development. Rob’s skills in listening, encouraging, motivating and assisting me in considering my own development were important to me as the coaching sessions progressed. I would recommend Rob as a coach to my colleagues.”

"I was encouraged to explore the barriers I felt were preventing me getting to where I wanted to be, and through reflective discussion, identify how to overcome these. Having a structured action plan produced from the discussions keeps me consciously focussed on my goals, and the support of an impartial and intuitive individual in the form of Rob has provided the motivation."