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About me    

I am a qualified coach with over twenty years of experience leading and managing teams. I have a Ph.D in marine biology and I am a performing musician.

The course of my career has included roles as diverse as Research Scientist, Production Manager, Business Requirements Manager and Director of International Relations and Mentor. I have managed a £2million pound work programme, negotiated bilateral agreements, written research papers and policy documents, represented the UK internationally and given evidence in Parliament.

Alongside this professional and scientific background I am also passionate about music and have been playing guitar for well over thirty years. I am an experienced performer and publish my own compositions on Soundcloud. You can take a listen to my "Green Man" recordings by watching the videos or following the link on the multimedia page

What I bring to my coaching is a blend of my professional experience of leading, managing and mentoring people with the enquiring open mind and analytical skills of a scientist and the creative thinking, dedication and discipline of a performing musician.

My coaching philosophy is to help people to achieve their own success by helping them to think differently, provoking insights and supporting them to become more self-aware whilst encouraging and challenging them to take personal responsibility for realising their own goals and development.

I am a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and I subscribe to EMCC's Code of Ethics (see www.emccuk.org).

I am also committed to my own Continuous Professional Development, which includes receiving supervision to ensure that the quality and approach of my coaching remains of the the highest standard for my clients. 

Dr Rob Hensley